Ziel Case Study

Case Study: Ziel Private Audience
Engagement Portal

How do you connect health care professionals in a highly specialized field?
With the exclusivity and privacy they need.

The Situation
Constantly juggling practice administration, managed care headaches, and a full schedule of patients, it's near impossible for most health care providers to stay current on the surplus of new information and data released every day. So how could a specialty infusion services provider connect professionals in a highly specialized field and make their brand stand out from the competition?

The Solution
Ziel, a private audience engagement portal, exclusively from Annodyne Health. Ziel is a Web-based portal that leverages the power of membership within a particular organization to promote engagement and aid in the recruitment of new members. Ziel also includes back-end tracking measurement and clinical trial recruitment capabilities that allow administrators to gather actionable data and perform detailed market analysis. And what's more, Ziel is completely private.

The Result
The Targeted Drug Delivery Network (TDDN), the first ever, secure, online forum designed exclusively for neuromodulation professionals, industry colleagues and researchers. TDDN provides health care professionals instant access to cutting-edge information and research while fostering the advancement of targeted drug delivery. Plus, it gave our client direct connection to their most important audience.

How can Ziel bring together and nurture your target audiences?
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