Four Corners

The integration and collaboration of our “four corners” is what yields our unparalleled solutions. Read on for brief overviews of their respective functions and areas of expertise.

Account Services

Provides day-to-day contact and support for our clients. Works with clients to vet the marketplace and determine their marketing goals. Crafts forward-thinking strategies in conjunction with Creative and Online Marketing, and guides teams to produce project work on time and on budget. Provides a seamless customer experience focused on solving business challenges and leading to a long-term sustainable relationship.


Focuses on connecting the digital aspects of the health care ecosystem to provide a 360-degree experience for all key stakeholders. Works with your existing creative and transitions the key aspects into a digital world. Brainstorms and develops new brand platforms, campaign concepts and buzz-generating communications to support all integrated marketing strategies (i.e., online and offline). Includes a network of medical writers from scientific backgrounds, capable of delivering content that’s sustainable through a review process.

Online Marketing & Media

Builds, launches and manages all marketing and advertising campaigns. Optimizes performance across traditional and digital channels to streamline results and evolve future campaigns. Crafts innovative strategies in conjunction with Account Services and Creative. Specializes in strategic consulting initiatives to enhance website performance/usability, existing advertising campaigns, social media efforts and communications plans. Utilizes our unique platform called Annotrak™ to synthesize digital information and ensure appropriate ROIs are being incorporated into everything we do.


Creates and develops a wealth of digital functionality, including customized applications for iPhone®, iPad® and Android devices, and full website development. Technological platforms are seamlessly harnessed by Annotrak™, our online marketing and measurement tool that tracks performance in real time to continually improve results. Constantly monitors the newest trends and recommends only the solutions that best fit clients' business needs.

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