Custom Web App Case Study

Case Study: Payer Access Formulary

How do you integrate multiple data streams into a single platform — while remaining compliant?
You start from the ground up.

The Situation
With multiple data streams, third-party vendor licensing fees and constant compliance issues, this top-5 global pharmaceutical company's existing formulary tracker platform served only to create headaches for the brand team. Not to mention, it was too cumbersome for its sales reps to use effectively. Faced with such a variety of problems, how could Annodyne Health address all of the client's needs?

The Solution
A totally new, custom Web application. To begin, Annodyne Health held multiple discovery sessions with the client to explore the current system and construct technical requirements. Then our internal teams got to work developing a totally new Payer Access Formulary Tracker that instantly generates PDFs for dissemination. Combining our strategic approach, technological expertise and fast-paced project management, we were confident we could launch the platform on time and on budget.

The Result
A single, easy-to-use platform that consolidated data streams. As a proprietary application, the new custom Web app eliminated the need for all third-party vendors and associated fees. What's more, it's built to be compliant from the start and thereby reduced medical and regulatory cycle time. All told, Annodyne Health's new Payer Access Formulary Tracker was a total success. In fact, it became the "gold standard" of tools, and was used by the client's entire U.S. field team.

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