Brand Teams

Annodyne Health can help elevate your brand across all audience segments, and all points of your lifecycle.

How do I make my brand stand out in an undifferentiated market? How can I engage with patients while maintaining compliance? How can I create valuable tools my sales force will actually use? Professional, payer or consumer. Pre-launch, launch or LOE. Annodyne Health offers custom sales and marketing offerings designed for all brand teams:

  • Custom app development featuring responsive design for any device, including:
    • Interactive visual aid applications
    • Value proposition applications
    • CRM apps
  • Internal sales team social communities
  • Pull-through implementation tools
  • Digital platform magazines
  • Digital market research
  • Custom Formulary Trackers using multiple data streams
  • Interactive digital advisory boards
  • Community-based digital message testing
  • Sales training, KOL training, patient education materials
  • Convention and meeting support and materials (e.g., POAs, NSMs, district meetings, etc.)

For example:
A pharmaceutical giant needed a more streamlined formulary tracker.
We gave them a tool to change their game.
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