Who We Are

ehealth advertising agency

Annodyne Health is a uniquely experienced, full-service digital health care agency, with a concentrated focus on complex specialty markets.

That's a mouthful. So let's break it down:

  • Uniquely Experienced

    The Annodyne Health team has worked in the biopharma industry in everything from sales, marketing and sales operations, to lifecycle management, pharmacy and even executive-level management. We have experience in agencies across all audience segments and all points of the product lifecycle. We even have experience in the consumer arena. This one-of-a-kind blend of experience means we can deliver fresh solutions that will help drive the future of health care marketing.

  • Full-Service Digital Health care Agency

    Annodyne Health comprises four fundamental departments that we like to call our "Four Corners": Account Services, Creative, Online Marketing & Media, and In-House Technology. We have the immediate resources to run with the big dogs, but we're nimble enough to be able to customize our offerings to meet your specific needs. In short, Annodyne Health has large agency capability with small agency agility.

  • Concentrated Focus

    Annodyne Health is not one-size-fits-all. We don't try to scale our products and services for whoever comes along. On the contrary, we're passionate about creating customized solutions for specific therapeutic areas, including, but not limited to, oncology, immunology, virology, metabolics and orphan designated conditions.

  • Annodyne Health is a division of Annodyne, Inc.

    Annodyne is an engagement marketing agency that specializes in moving people. For 17 years, Annodyne has partnered with a wide range of local and national clients across verticals, including tourism, higher education and health care. And now, Annodyne is proud to launch Annodyne Health — a specialty digital health care agency focused on helping clients meaningfully engage with their key stakeholders.

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